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Beyond the Basics:

Dig deeper into your investments in the Account Positions section. Think of it as your investing hub. This is the place to view your current positions, analyze your holdings, set alerts to manage your investments and uncover your profit potential with the Position Analyzer tool. Visit this section for Daily P&L, Alerts, Cost basis, Greeks and much more!

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Daily Check Ups:

Check out your Daily P&L’s with one click by using our Daily P&L screen. After assessing your positions, you can take immediate action on your holdings via the links located right on the page. Use this tool to stay on top of your holdings and respond quickly to market changes.

New! Simplify Your Strategies:

Even seasoned investors can get tangled in a web of Covered Calls, Protective Puts, Collars and Iron Condors when positions are listed according to price or date. Portfolio Grouping aims to help you navigate through the maze by enabling you to sort each of your open positions by strategy. Log in to your account, select "Positions" and "Sort by Strategy" to view all of your trades in an easy-to-read chart classified by strategy. Compare your strategies and see how they measure up!

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  Learn a little greek and analyze your options holdings.